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Reliable Warehouse Management

Experience seamless storage and forwarding of freight with CG Logistics’ Warehouse Management services. Our integrated approach to freight management provides flexible warehousing and cold storage solutions for both bulk and small orders. Strategically located warehouses across India ensure ample storage space for cargo during transit periods. Trust our team to handle every aspect of warehousing, ensuring the safety of inventory, efficient cargo management, precise inventory taking, and freight forwarding according to the delivery schedule.

Our Warehouse Management Options

These warehouses are huge storage places for goods and are dispatched as per their required schedule. 

CG Logistics is capable of transporting and storing heavy tonnage engines. With our round-the-clock service.

Hazardous goods need special care. This includes inflammable substances, corrosive products, radioactive waste and elements.

CG Logistics brings a wide range of aviation logistics services to its partners worldwide, focusing on giving the best even under.

Flexible Warehousing

Tailored solutions for bulk and small orders to meet varied storage needs.

Cold Storage Solutions

Specialized solutions for preserving the integrity of temperature-sensitive cargo.

Tailored Storage Solutions

Enjoy flexible warehousing options for both bulk and small orders, catering to diverse storage needs.

Strategic Transit Storage

Leverage our strategically located warehouses across India for convenient storage during transit.

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    What types of orders does CG Logistics provide warehousing solutions for?

    CG Logistics offers flexible warehousing solutions for both bulk and small orders.

    How strategically located are CG Logistics' warehouses?

    Our warehouses are strategically positioned across India for convenient transit storage.

    What does comprehensive warehouse handling by CG Logistics include?

    Comprehensive warehouse handling includes ensuring inventory safety, efficient cargo management, precise inventory taking, and timely freight forwarding.

    Does CG Logistics provide cold storage solutions?

    Yes, we offer specialized cold storage solutions to preserve the integrity of temperature-sensitive cargo.

    Can CG Logistics handle inventory taking?

    Absolutely, our team takes care of precise inventory taking as part of our comprehensive warehouse management.

    How does CG Logistics ensure timely freight forwarding?

    Timely freight forwarding is ensured through our meticulous planning and adherence to delivery schedules, providing a seamless experience for our clients.

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