Warehouse Management Best Practices A Guide from CG Logistics' Specialists

Warehouse Management Best Practices: A Guide from CG Logistics Specialists

Honestly, nothing provided here is going to be new or innovative information. In your own warehouse, you may have already executed several of these practises. As everyone knows, nobody is perfect in this world. So the things offered in this article are a quick reference guide for warehouse management practises and why they are important for your business.

Following are some ways in which CGL, the best warehousing company in India, is redefining warehousing management for businesses:

Warehouse Management Best Practises

Don’t rely on manual input.

It is totally natural for humans to make mistakes. But for managers to avoid making these mistakes, several tools have been created to help them be more productive and do things that are expected of them. This involves the management of inventory.

CG Logistics is a freight forwarding company that involves reassessing the way in which businesses transport its products and services such as- Hand scripted, typed, or any distinct type of manual entry. CG Logistics’ warehouse managers have RFID bar code system that are simple and quick, such as click to tag or scan items. This is connected to CGL inventory management system to manage a programme of record for its present inventory.

Plan Picking Procedures

Picking procedures are really up to the company to choose, but picking procedures should be uncomplicated and easy to follow. In order to establish a more smooth procedure for picking, CG Logistics may facilitate a warehouse management system. It had already been chosen in batches or groups instead of as arriving orders came in.

Reduce touch points.

A better method to eliminate not-so-necessary steps from the fulfilment procedure is to reduce the number of tangible touch points that the product has. In several cases, this might not be possible to avoid, but every touch point that CG Logistics eliminates will decrease the possible depletion, and in general, it will help speed up the procedure.

Make popular products easy to reach.

By performing an ABC analysis by CG Logistics for products and inventory, it will be helpful in identifying which are highly sell-able, which are great value and every single thing in between. Since the C product will be ordered more frequently, CG Logistics will ensure that it is easily accessible.

It seems crystal clear, but frequently inventory is managed by vendors, which is not an efficient thing to do. By transporting the high-volume products as close as possible to packing stations, CG Logistics will be reducing downtime to fill the orders.

Dedicated Information Sharing

As it is not possible to have one programme for every location or even distinct programmes for warehouses and retails, having a warehouse management team at CGL India will make sure to share information throughout the enterprise, with stakeholders, and with retail locations.

This is the right solution that is provided by CG Logistics because it enables visibility across the organisation, uncomplicated tracing of inventory levels and locations, attainment to or from retail locations, a single system for recording, and aids in connecting to an ERP system or accounting. It also enables a reduction in costs since inventory is traced or labelled in the same way in each locality.

One SKU per item

Specifically, with inventory functions, vendors, and sales, one SKU per item might be difficult. There might be a distinct SKU from the seller versus CG Logistics’ internal SKU. A reduction in errors, an increment in inventory accuracy, and the elimination of manual verification can be achieved through the ability to consolidate and manage SKUs efficiently.

CG Logistics will provide an inventory management system to continue tracing this since the process to consolidate SKUs will be automated.

Track your warehouse KPIs.

This is an amalgamation of inventory KPIs and fulfilment, which will provide managers with a better understanding of how the procedures they follow are shaking the real world.

Regular monitoring of these, whether on a weekly, monthly, quarterly, or annual basis, depends on your own business volume and size. A need for tracing on a much closer basis might be guided by CG Logistics, while some can be established and forgotten.

Prioritise warehouse safety.

It is understood without even saying that the efficiency of a warehouse’s functioning and safety make a remarkable difference. Fulfilling the minimum need is one aspect, but this is not somewhere to cut costs or corners.

Safe warehouses have appliances that go on for a longer time, happier, more fruitful employees, and fewer dips in functioning. Following an approach that is proactive helps employees minimise injuries, and the outcomes are a lower total cost of insurance and worker reimbursement.

Standardise vendor operations.

To make receiving functions effective, here are some main factors for vendor management: Keep a check on when they deliver (track of time, day of week), how they deliver (volume, packaging, boxes), and your receiving area and procedures.

Lining up these three elements provided by CG Logistics’ receiving function more efficiently Vendors must have an allocated opening for delivery, and they will always try to deliver products the same way they usually do. If the count the company ordered commences increasing dramatically, that might not be the case, but it must try its best to systematise this.

Be prepared for emergencies.

CGL India can’t control everything within its reach. Whether it’s a natural calamity or a cyber attack, CG Logistics will make sure to have an approach in place to manage the unforeseen circumstances. Obviously, the more attempts CG Logistics puts into avoidance, the fewer of these difficulties it will have to face, at least the man-made ones.

Regardless, emergency approaches are always better to have in advance and not require than to require and not have.

Allow 360-degree feedback.

It is not mandatory that only management or executives present great ideas. The identification of regions where improvement is required might be done by the front-line team while the higher-ups casually don’t see it. If that is the case, the feedback must be shared with someone who will listen to the problems. On the other hand, managers might find other parts of operations where improvement is required that employees don’t see.

Iterate on Operations

CG Logistics will never be perfect, as no one can be, so it must not target being perfect. It will aim to be a little better than it was last week or last month. Try evaluating on a daily basis what the company is doing, how it is moving, and the areas where changes are required.


Warehouse management, in order to excel in the market, is one of the significant elements that businesses must consider. CG Logistics is the best warehousing company as well as an international and domestic logistics service provider that could provide the business with the tools and facilities mentioned above. If you want excellent logistics services, look no further than CG Logistics.


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