The Supply Chain Process from Start to Finish

The Supply Chain Process from Start to Finish


In order to remain competitive in today’s market, a smooth supply chain is crucial. CG Logistics is engaged in providing end-to-end supply chain solutions to support businesses in streamlining their operations and reducing costs.

This infographic will provide an in-depth analysis of the supply chain procedure from start to finish.

The Supply Chain Process from Start to Finish


This stage is considered the foundation of the supply chain procedures. It comprised the evaluation of market trends, forecasting of demand, ascertainment of inventory levels, and development of the sourcing strategy. Effective planning helps assure that the right products are available at the right time and in appropriate quantities, while reducing waste and costs.


Subsequent to the performance of planning, the sourcing stage comes into play. This consisted of the identification and selection of the suppliers, the negotiation of contracts, and placing orders. Selection of the right supplier is significant to assure the quality of the products, decrease costs, and sustain a reliable supply chain.


Subsequent to the placing of orders, the procurement procedure starts. This consisted of receiving, investigating, and accepting products from suppliers. The process of procurement is essential to ensuring that the right products are delivered in the right quantities and at the correct time.


Once the products are accepted, the production process starts. This is comprised of the manufacturing, assembly, or processing of the products. Effective production and management planning ensures that the production process is efficient and the goods are of high quality.


Subsequent to the completion of the production procedure, products are stored in the warehouse until they are ready to be shipped. Warehousing is crucial to ensuring that the goods are appropriately stored, organised, and safeguarded from damage.

Order fulfilment

When an order is received, products are picked from the warehouse, packed, and shipped to the customer. Effective order fulfilment requires accurate and efficient inventory management and effective logistics planning.


The last procedure in the supply chain is the delivery of goods. This consists of the transportation of the products to the ultimate destination of the customer, either by land, air, or sea. Effective delivery planning assures that the products are delivered on time, at a reasonable cost, and at the right place.


A proper supply chain procedure is vital for businesses to satisfy consumer demand, reduce costs, and accelerate profitability. CGL provides end-to-end supply chain solutions to provide support to businesses in achieving their objectives. From planning and sourcing to production, warehousing, order fulfilment, and delivery of the goods, companies can support entities in the optimisation of their supply chain procedures and make improvements to their bottom line.



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