Overcoming the hurdles in meeting aviation logistics requirements

The aviation industry in India is also one of the fastest growing and this growth is dependent on several factors, one of which is aviation logistics. Aviation logistics goes beyond the mere transportation of passengers and goods to and from destinations and includes the operations which keep aircraft operational, such as the distribution and movement of aircraft parts, spares, and consumables. There are several challenges that can affect the efficiency of aviation logistics, which are outlined below along with the potential solutions that the industry has to offer:
  • Round-the-clock support: For aircraft on-ground or AOG requirements, it is essential that aviation logistics companies provide round-the-clock services. In the aviation industry, time is of the essence in ensuring cost-effectiveness as well, and hence, the sooner the aircraft is off the ground, the greater operational efficiency there is.
  • Ground support: In aviation logistics, ground support is of the essence in facilitating seamless operations. A major challenge in aviation logistics is the availability of trained and experienced on-ground support teams which can handle the operations for aircraft maintenance and cargo movement. Logistics companies specializing in aviation operations can offer
  • Distribution services: For the specialized requirements of consumables in the aviation industry, there is a need for secure and efficient last-mile deliveries with time sensitivity at the core of all operations.
  • Storage and security: An integral part of aviation logistics pertains the storage of engines and other aircraft spares. Since these are worth significant sums, adequate facilities for their storage and security is also of the essence. Logistics companies specializing in aviation operations provide integrated warehousing for clients to ensure better services.
While these are but a few of the obstacles in the way of advancing growth in aviation logistics, companies offering dedicated solutions for the segment are stepping up to meet the requirements with their services.

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