In the intricate world of perishables, where time is of the essence, CG Logistics steps in with a commitment to ensure that these items reach their destination in impeccable condition. Perishables, ranging from food to flowers and plants, demand meticulous planning, specialized equipment, and expert handling to prevent spoilage or degradation.

Preserving Perishables with CG Logistics

CG Logistics is dedicated to maintaining the utmost freshness for perishable items. We prioritize precise temperature control, from refrigeration for produce to specific ranges for goods. Employing expedited shipping, we minimize transit time, especially crucial for highly perishable goods like seafood. Our specialized containers and packaging ensure optimal conditions throughout the journey, preserving the quality and integrity of the items we handle.

Temperature Control

Trust us for precise temperature control, ensuring perishable items are maintained at optimal conditions to prevent spoilage or degradation.


Opt for CG Logistics' expedited shipping for swift deliveries. Minimize spoilage risks for perishable items with shorter shipment durations.

Specialized Containers

We preserve freshness in transit with specialized containers and packaging, maintaining precise temperature and humidity levels.

Compliance Assurance

Simplify compliance with our professional team, ensuring your shipments meet industry and international standards seamlessly.

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    How does CG Logistics address the challenge of temperature control for perishable items?

     CG Logistics employs specialized containers and packaging materials to ensure precise temperature control during transit, preserving perishable items at optimal conditions.

    Why is the duration of the shipment crucial for highly perishable items?

    The longer the shipment takes, the greater the risk of spoilage or degradation, especially for highly perishable items. CG Logistics mitigates this risk by using expedited shipping methods to minimize the duration of the shipment.

    How does CG Logistics ensure freshness for highly perishable items like fresh seafood or dairy products?

    CG Logistics employs expedited shipping methods to reduce the duration of the shipment, minimizing the risk of spoilage or degradation for highly perishable items and ensuring their freshness upon arrival.