CG Logistics has a broad perspective of services, including shipment transportation services for various industry verticals. The various industry sectors where we offer our services are:
  • Automobiles
  • Pharma
  • Solar Products
  • Furniture
  • Readymade Garments
  • Perishables
  • Aviation Logistics Services


In the complex sector of aviation logistics, time-bound and efficient handling of critical goods is of the essence. At CG Logistics, we bring comprehensive services for aviation logistics to our partners worldwide with a focus on giving our best even under high-pressure regulations. Our team is trained to manage the following operations for clients in the aviation sector:
  • Coordination with Airlines on a day-to-day basis for PO raised to various suppliers worldwide.
  • Following up with foreign suppliers for the readiness of shipment.
  • Pick up and origin transportation.
  • Documentation compliance for NOCs from government departments, tax filings, and customs clearance of shipments, including PESO, DGFT, TTC AERB etc.
  • Air/ Sea Freight booking to/from destinations globally.
  • Movement of engines, APUs, aircraft rotables, expendables, consumables, etc.
  • Handling of dangerous goods shipments including fire extinguisher cartridges, engine cargo aircraft only HAZMAT, Oxygen bottles, batteries etc.


The automobile industry is a vast sector to work with, and logistics services are essential for the smooth functioning of this sector. CG logistics services play a critical role in ensuring the efficient and timely movement of goods and materials across the supply chain.

    • Efficient and timely delivery of raw materials and parts: Our company is responsible for the safe transportation and delivery of required automobile components from suppliers to automobile manufacturers. This ensures that manufacturers have the necessary inputs to keep production lines running smoothly and efficiently.
    • Distribution of finished vehicles: With the help of our road transportation services, distribution of finished vehicles to dealerships and customers has become easy. This involves managing the transportation and storage of vehicles as well as coordinating delivery schedules to meet customer demand.
    • Inventory management: By ensuring that the right quantities of goods are available at the right time and place, CG Logistics helps manufacturers optimize their production schedules and reduce inventory holding costs.
    • Customer satisfaction: Logistics services are also important in ensuring customer satisfaction by delivering vehicles on time and in good condition. This can help manufacturers build strong relationships with customers and maintain a positive brand image.


Pharma supply chain tasks are very challenging, as pharma logistics demand strict adherence to regulatory codes to ensure drugs and vaccines are safely delivered without spoilage or losing their potency. CG Logistics has the potent qualities to ship the most delicate and dangerous goods in one of the most challenging sectors. Important aspects of pharmaceutical shipping

    • Uncompromised packaging to ensure no spill or leak
    • Maintaining and tracking pharmaceutical temperatures for undisturbed distillation
    • Choosing the right reefer container to offer the right environment for medicines
    • Necessary documentation for smooth inspections whenever and wherever required
    • Understanding the laws and regulations to avoid any confusion during the transportation process
    • Staying insured to avoid any inherent risks
    • Completely hygienic storage and shipment environment for no infection
    • Understanding the laws and regulations to avoid any confusion during the transportation process
    • Telematics for cold chain monitoring allows fleet managers to control the temperature according to the history


There is a wide range of solar products, which include solar panels, solar batteries, solar lights, solar water heaters, solar air conditioners, etc. Solar products are made with sensitive electronic components and thin wire and connectors, therefore, they require excessive care while shipping.

Some of the challenges that a logistics company can encounter:

    • The fragility of solar panels: Solar panels are the most common type of solar product shipped, and they can be easily damaged during shipping due to their fragility. They are typically made from layers of thin glass or plastic that can easily crack or shatter if dropped or mishandled.
    • Sensitive electronic components: Solar products, including panels, inverters, and batteries, contain sensitive electronic components that can be easily damaged by shocks, impacts, or exposure to moisture or extreme temperatures.
    • Complex packaging requirements: Solar products often require complex packaging to ensure that they are protected during shipping. For example, solar panels need to be packaged with protective foam or bubble wrap to prevent damage, and inverters may need to be shipped in special shock-resistant packaging.
    • International shipping regulations: International shipping of solar products can be challenging due to varying regulations on the import and export of electronic components and hazardous materials used in solar products.

    CG Logistics offers impressive shipment solutions via every mode of transport to allow easy and product-specific shipment. We have appropriate expertise in handling even the most challenging products by optimizing solutions for freight movement.


CG Logistics ensures that your most desirable furniture products get delivered to you smoothly, safely, and intact. The furniture industry suffers a lot of losses due to improper shipping and mishandling. Therefore, it becomes utmost necessary to choose the best furniture logistics solution company, just like CG Logistics, as we have unparalleled expertise in:
    • Project-cargo management
    • Time-critical shipment
    • Efficient warehousing
    • 24/7/365 support


CG Logistics is well equipped to ship readymade garments, even if it has several challenges, particularly in terms of protecting the garments from damage and ensuring they arrive at their destination in good condition. Here are some of the challenges:

    • Protection from moisture: Garments can be damaged by moisture during transit, particularly if they are shipped in humid conditions. This can result in mold, mildew, or musty odors, which ruin the garments.
    • Protection from dust and dirt: Garments can also be easily soiled during transit, particularly if they are not properly packaged. This can result in stains or other damage that can make the garments unsellable.
    • Maintaining the shape and quality of the garments: Garments need to be shipped in a way that maintains their shape and quality. If they are packed too tightly, they may become wrinkled, and if they are shipped in a way that allows them to move around too much, they may become damaged.
    • Customs regulations: There may be customs regulations that need to be followed when shipping readymade garments to certain countries. This can add a layer of complexity to the shipping process.

    CG Logistics uses specialized packaging materials, such as plastic bags or boxes, to protect the garments from moisture and dust. We also use shipping methods that reduce the amount of handling required, such as direct shipping from the manufacturer to the customer. Additionally, our company works closely with customs officials to ensure that all regulations are followed and that the garments are cleared for import on time.


Shipping perishable items requires careful planning, specialized equipment, and expertise to ensure that the items arrive at their destination in good condition. Perishable items include food, flowers, plants, and other items that can spoil or degrade quickly if not handled properly.

    • Temperature control: Perishable items must be kept at a specific temperature range to prevent spoilage or degradation. For example, fresh produce and meats should be kept at refrigerated temperatures to prevent bacteria growth, while plants and flowers may need to be kept at a specific temperature range to avoid wilting.
    • Duration of the shipment: The longer the shipment takes, the greater the risk of spoilage or degradation. This is especially true for highly perishable items such as fresh seafood or dairy products.

    To address these challenges, CG Logistics uses specialized containers and packaging materials that help maintain the proper temperature and humidity levels during transit. We also use expedited shipping methods to reduce the time in transit and minimize the risk of spoilage or degradation.