How technology is shaping the logistics and supply chain industry

Technology, which has come to dominate most aspects of our lives, is now also shaping the way we move goods to and from places. Given the phenomenal growth that the sector is set to witness in the near future, it can only accelerate with technology driving core operations. Businesses depending on logistics solutions will benefit from this integration of technology which can be witnessed in the following:
  • Real-time tracking of shipments and GPS: With digitization, one of the benefits of technology that logistics and supply chain companies are reaping is the ability to keep real-time updates on the status of shipments. With more advanced and accurate GPS now available, tracking movement of goods from the warehouse to the last-mile delivery is now more easily feasible.
  • Internet of Things: The integration of the internet of things (IoT) into the logistics and supply chain operations is a new way of taking advantage of available technology to collate data and make it more readily available for access by the clients and service providers. While microchip-enabled shipments and GPS tracking devices are some of the examples of the use of IoT in the industry, radio frequency identification is also being tested for more accurate and faster deliveries.
  • Artificial Intelligence: The new kid on the block, Artificial Intelligence or AI, is also bringing about vast changes in the logistics and supply chain industry. From route planning to cost optimization, risk reduction and more, AI is already being used in ways that are changing the way the industry operates.
  • Drone deliveries and robotics: Unmanned deliveries are being tested by major players in the e-commerce industry and the effect has also blown over into the logistics and supply chain industry. Science and technology innovations in robotics too is being watched closely by logistics companies keen on automating operations for freight forwarding and deliveries.
To sum it all, technology is rapidly pervading operations across the logistics and supply chain industry. How it will shape the future is only to be seen with the logistics companies adopting technology for their benefits.

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