Global Freight Solutions

Reliable Global Delivery

At CG Logistics, we specialize in seamlessly moving cargo across borders with our comprehensive range of global freight services. Our end-to-end solutions ensure the smooth and efficient transportation of goods, providing a reliable backbone for global trade. From consolidations and warehousing to customs clearance and hazardous cargo expertise, we’ve got your global freight needs covered.

Our Global Freight Options

Connect your business globally with our air freight services, ensuring swift and secure transportation.

Optimize global shipping with our cost-effective ocean freight logistics for reliable international transportation.


Seamlessly navigate cross-country and third-country shipments with our extensive global reach.


Our efficient consolidations and logistics strategies translate to savings
for your business.


Order tracking and cargo status pre -
alerts keep you informed every step
of the way.

Customized Solutions

Project management and expert advice on hazardous cargo ensure personalized solutions.

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    What services does CG Logistics offer for global freight?

    CG Logistics provides a range of services, including consolidations, warehousing, customs clearance, hazardous cargo expertise, and more, facilitating the smooth movement of goods across borders.

    How does CG Logistics ensure the safety of hazardous cargo during global shipments?

    Our experts specialize in handling hazardous cargo, ensuring compliance with regulations, and implementing robust safety measures throughout the transportation process.

    Can I track my global shipment online with CG Logistics?

    Yes, we offer online order tracking and cargo status pre-alerts, providing real-time visibility into the location and status of your global shipments.

    What makes CG Logistics stand out in global freight?

    CG Logistics combines global reach with local expertise, offering efficient consolidations, cutting-edge distribution, and comprehensive logistics solutions.

    How does CG Logistics handle customs clearance for global shipments?

    Our experienced team handles customs clearance with precision, ensuring compliance and a smooth passage for your goods across global borders.

    What sets CG Logistics apart in terms of project management for global freight?

    We provide tailored project management solutions, adapting to your unique requirements and ensuring the successful execution of your global freight projects.