In the dynamic realm of aviation logistics, precision and timeliness are non-negotiable. CG Logistics stands at the forefront, offering a dedicated suite of services designed to meet the unique demands of the aviation sector. Navigating through high-pressure regulations, we ensure that our partners worldwide receive nothing short of excellence. Our trained team is adept at managing a spectrum of operations crucial to aviation logistics, ensuring a seamless and reliable experience for our clients.

Our Aviation Logistics Solutions

At CG Logistics, we efficiently coordinate with airlines and manage global Purchase Orders, ensuring timely shipment readiness. Our seamless transportation handling prioritizes the swift movement of aircraft engines and parts. We offer comprehensive documentation services, including customs clearance and dangerous goods handling, emphasizing safety in every operation. With expertise in global air and sea freight booking, we enhance connectivity for aviation logistics, guaranteeing the safe and timely delivery of critical components worldwide.


Connect with aviation logistics services that transcend borders, ensuring seamless operations on a global scale.

Time-Critical Solutions

Experience time-bound logistics solutions with us designed to meet the urgent demands of the aviation sector.

Regulatory Compliance

Navigate complex regulations effortlessly, ensuring adherence to high-pressure standards governing aviation logistics.

Diverse Cargo Handling

Rely on specialized services for the movement of engines, rotables, expendables, and dangerous goods, tailored to diverse aviation cargo.

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    What documentation services do you provide for aviation logistics?

    Our documentation services cover NOCs from government departments, tax filings, and customs clearance of shipments, including PESO, DGFT, TTC AERB, etc.

    How do you ensure the safety of dangerous goods during transportation?

    We have specialized procedures for handling dangerous goods, including fire extinguisher cartridges, engine cargo aircraft only HAZMAT, Oxygen bottles, batteries, prioritizing safety at every step.

    Can you manage time-critical logistics operations?

    Absolutely, our services are designed to meet the time-sensitive demands of the aviation sector, ensuring swift and reliable logistics solutions.

    What types of cargo do you handle in aviation logistics?

    We specialize in moving engines, APUs, aircraft rotables, expendables, consumables, and various dangerous goods crucial to aviation logistics.

    How do you coordinate with airlines and suppliers on a day-to-day basis?

    Our team maintains efficient day-to-day coordination with airlines for Purchase Orders and follows up with foreign suppliers to ensure shipment readiness.

    How can CG Logistics ensure compliance with high-pressure regulations in aviation logistics?

    We have a dedicated focus on regulatory compliance, navigating high-pressure regulations effortlessly to ensure adherence to aviation standards.